Network Learning Project: Learning a New Language

This week we were asked to think of something we’ve always wanted to learn and learn it! The only catch? We could only learn using YouTube or help forums…easier said than done. However, it was really easy for me to decide what I wanted to learn. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn sign language. Sure, I knew a few signs here and there, but could never form a coherent sentence, let alone carry on a conversation. So, this week began my journey to learn sign language. I thought YouTube would be my best option because I could watch other people sign and it was helpful at first, but then became very frustrating. I didn’t want to watch 10-minute videos filled with a compilation of random words/signs. Videos were extremely long and it was challenging to find the signs I needed to make a simple message. After watching countless videos, lots of practice throwing my hands and fingers around, and talking to myself repeatedly, I was able to create this video message: My first attempt!  I definitely have a lot of work to do to in the coming weeks!

This message says, “Hello, my name is Amy. How are you? I’m fine, thank you! I’m married and I have a dog. My husband’s name is Parker and my dog’s name is Stanley. I need to keep working!”


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