Mastering My Own Productivity

Now that I’m managing my full-time job, a hectic work travel schedule and my first semester of grad school, I’ve realized I might need to fine tune my methods of organization and productivity. While looking through the list of tools for improving workflow, the Google tools jumped out immediately. I’m a loyal Google user who relies heavily on these tools and apps to keep my life together. The Google Drive has been essential in my personal, work and teaching lives. My husband and I used it to manage and organize pretty much everything throughout wedding planning.  My company uses it to share, collaborate, store, and manage documents and information seamlessly across groups and individuals. When I was teaching, I had my students use it to share their work, ensure their work was never lost, and make their work accessible on any device. Gmail and Google Calendar integrate my personal and work communication, schedules and contacts. I wouldn’t be able to manage where I need to be, when I need to be there or who I need to communicate with if I didn’t have Google! The change that I am making to my productivity methods this week is incorporating my grad school information into my personal Google account. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to do this sooner, but I know this will have a huge impact on my ability to be much more organized with my CEP810 work and other coursework going forward.


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