Remixing Fashion Design

My first assignment for my CEP811 course was to learn about the Maker Culture and the power of “remixing”. I was challenged to create my own remixed video using the WeVideo tool. When I began thinking about this assignment, I tried to think of times that I learned how to make something. This brainstorming session brought me back to memories of learning to sew with my mother. I never learned to create anything too exciting, but I was pretty proud of myself for making a skirt all on my own using a pattern and fabric I liked at the time. Looking back, this activity made me a “maker” and I didn’t even realize it.  Thinking back to this memory led me to think about fashion design and what influences the creation and evolution of fashion design and the Maker Culture of the industry.

Fashion designers are the definition of makers. They must use a variety of materials and resources to create clothing and other fashion items. It seems some of the most successful designers are those who continually “remix” materials and resources to push people’s perception of what fashion is and can be. Fashion designers’ ability to repurpose, reinvent, and innovate to create new and exciting fashion trends is what inspired my WeVideo this week.  I wanted to represent the Maker Culture of fashion and the innovative ideas designers use to create the looks that are walking down runways today.

Here’s my attempt at a remix video.

Although I have a great deal of experience using tools like iMovie and Widnows MediaMaker, I was a newbie with WeVideo and it was definitely a challenge to use and it took me a while to figure out how to upload online videos. I eventually found and utilized keepvid to download, convert and save my videos so that I could upload them to WeVideo.


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